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Glazing & Curtain Walling

At Lakesmere we can offer a total envelope solution to complex projects. As specialists in technically demanding facades, all design is carried out by our own engineers and technicians.  

We offer a wide range of product to meet the demands of even the most complex facade. The majority of these elements are manufactured through our state of the art factory in Moira which works to ISO14001 and ISO9001 principles.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Curtain walling

Curtain wall facades offer an elegant, highly aesthetic appearance for all types of buildings. Whilst the majority of curtain wall facades will be glazed, solid panels are also available in this system offering versatility and cost effectiveness.

Lakesmere is able to offer both conventional stick construction curtain wall systems as well as fully unitised modular construction, designed, fabricated and pre-assembled at our own manufacturing facility.

All of the curtain walling facades installed by Lakesmere reflect the latest in modern technology and are fully compliant and tested to the relevant standards for weather, wind, thermal and fire performance.

Aluminium windows and doors

Lakesmere is an authorised installer for a range of aluminium windows and doors which are fully integrated and compatible with the majority of wall panel systems.

All window and door systems feature a variety of safety and security options combined with outstanding weather resistance. Additionally they can be supplied with a high performance thermal break.

Bolted glass

Bolt fixed glazing systems provide the solution to many challenging architectural design briefs that demand light and spaciousness.

The glass is held in place using a bolted assembly structure as opposed to the traditional curtain walling systems that are fixed into frame panels. This provides a frameless 'all-glass' appearance which not only provides maximum visibility but also allows full use of natural daylight and the ability to showcase the interior features of a building.

Bolted glass systems are ideal for a variety of facades and roofing structures, particularly atriums and viewing decks where light and visibility are paramount.

Roof glazing

Prefabricated roof glazing systems open up a wealth of interesting architectural solutions for use in enclosed atriums and canopies, using high-performance specification systems from our leading architectural aluminium system supply chain partners.

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